Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

safety equipment photo

MOTTA Impianti S.r.l. is committed to respect the following objectives of Environmental, Health & Safety Policy to ensure safe working conditions and safe behavior as well as take care of their health and protect the environment in which it operates:

  • Develop specific training and information courses and relative updated for all employees that operate on construction sites, in accordance with the law, to avoid or reduce the risks in environmental works and respect the health and safety of all individuals on site.
    In particular Motta Impianti is focussing on the following high risk activities:
    • Working at height;
    • Electrical works;
    • Evacuation;
    • Interference.
  • Respect of contractual agreement made with the customer and the norms and laws about the protection of environmental works and healthy/safety of all workers;
  • Evaluation and Control of Risks for Health and Safety for all job or employment through preliminary activity to identify, prevent and reduce the risks of incident, of workplace injury or of occupational disease and updates of the document DVR (Documento Valutazione dei Rischi), as per Italian law D.Lgs n° 81 of 09/04/2008 art. 17 and 28 and following changes;
  • To all employees is given the necessary safety equipment and tools, certified by a third party, and motor vehicles good condition, in accordance with the law;
  • Make periodical medical visits to all employees to verify the suitability to work of each of them;
  • Protection the public safety, public healthy and also of protect at the same way all workers and local community;
  • Periodic review of this policy and relative documents so that they remain efficient and valid.